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Make your next project a hit with the talent and versatility of AFTRA performers

Join major studios, leading Internet content providers, fledgling start-ups, and small production companies that are all producing content with performers who are members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Whatever you want to create, AFTRA members--more than 70,000 actors, dancers, singers, journalists, announcers, hosts, comedians, disc jockeys, and other performers--can bring it to life. Rich media productions covered by AFTRA contracts include videogames, comedies, dramas, variety, music, news, sports, awards, and much more programming.

It’s easy to produce content using the AFTRA Electronic Media, Interactive Media, Experimental Internet, and other agreements as staff members can answer questions about rates and other contract terms and facilitate talent needs to get you using professional performers right away. Email for more information.

Here are some recent productions that have used AFTRA performers:



AFTRA members helped make the biggest single-day sales event in entertainment history when the release on September 25, 2007, of Halo 3, a sci-fi action-adventure videogame, earned $170 million in gross sales—more than any motion picture, sound recording, or live performance. The success of Halo 3 is no surprise as six of the top-10 selling videogames in 2006 were produced under the AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement.

Watch the Halo 3 trailer on YouTube–and see why the videogame sold 2.34 million copies on its first day at




Professional AFTRA performers helped executive producer and director Robert Knowles produce Park Bench as a featured presentation on The sketch-comedy series about two best friends set on a park bench in Central Park in New York City is now in its second season of production under an AFTRA contract for all performers.

Visit Matt and Adam on the first six episodes of Park Bench at




When producer Trevor Allen of Black Box Theatre called AFTRA to say he was doing something innovative and exciting--and wanted to hire union performers--the result was a one-night-only live recording and podcast of a digital adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. “I was happy to learn that Black Box Theatre could produce a podcast using talented union performers because of the AFTRA Electronic Media Agreement. It meant that we could get the best podcast possible and that made a huge difference,” said Allen.

Hear the chilling tale at



Get access to the best professional performers available in America by using AFTRA members in your next production. Tell us what you have in mind by completing a questionnaire for Entertainment Programming or News and Information Programming  (these interactive PDF files can be filled out online and printed or downloaded for your use offline).

For more information email or contact:

Mathis L. Dunn, Jr.
Assistant National Executive Director, Commercials, Non-Broadcast, & Interactive Media

Joan Halpern Weise
Assistant National Executive Director, Entertainment Programming

Debra Osofsky
National Director, News & Broadcast