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AFTRA's Statement on the Release from
Prison of New York Times Journalist Judith Miller

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) notes the release of The New York Times' Judith Miller from prison last week, and vigorously condemns the circumstances that forced a journalist to choose between personal freedom and this nation's First Amendment. Journalists have a duty and a right to protect their confidential sources in order to guarantee the American public the most accurate and critical information. It is shameful that a reporter was forced to spend time in prison in exchange for standing up for that principle. AFTRA renews its call for passage of the pending Federal Shield Law (H.R. 581/S. 340) -- as endorsed by AFTRA's 60th National Convention this past July (read the press release) -- to protect the free flow of information so vital in a democratic society.

posted 10/3/05