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Performers Sign ‘Open Statement of Unity’
to be Published in Trade Publications

Los Angeles, CA (October 9, 2007)—An open statement of unity signed by hundreds of performers who are members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild will be published in major trade publications this week.

“We, as members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild, appeal to our fellow actors to come together with one strong voice through both of our unions as negotiations approach,” affirmed members in the statement that calls on all performers to “recognize and embrace the diversity of opinions that exist in our community of actors…; keep Phase One…in place as it has been since 1981 with one member, one vote…; [and] continue to work toward merger of our two unions.”

After receiving the open statement generated by a grassroots effort of members of both unions, AFTRA was moved to purchase full-page ads in this week’s “Back Stage” and the Wednesday editions of “The Hollywood Reporter” and “Variety.”

“AFTRA commends and applauds these courageous performers who are standing up for unity,” said AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon. “AFTRA supports and encourages the non-partisan efforts of working performers across the country to come together with one strong voice through both AFTRA and SAG to build strength at the bargaining table.”

Performers who signed the open statement include a wide range of working actors and current and former elected leadership of both AFTRA and SAG. Former SAG National Presidents Melissa Gilbert, Barry Gordon, Richard Masur, and William Schallert and current AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon signed the statement, in addition to many performers on cable TV shows covered by AFTRA contracts. 

Note: Download a PDF of the UNITY STATEMENT ad (1 MB) at Text of statement and signers follows release.

AFTRA is also hosting the statement online at for AFTRA members to join in the call for unity.


An open statement of unity to our community of actors 

As performers working and living in America, we know that we are stronger together as our jobs, careers, and lives have progressively improved by collective actions through our unions. Accelerating changes in the entertainment industry, from the consolidation of media companies and the use of new media, make it imperative that all performers continue to work together through both of our unions to negotiate better agreements with the employers.

Yet, there is an increasing threat to our unity, as a faction among us seeks to split actors by focusing on our differences rather than our common interests. These actions only embolden our employers to exploit a perceived fissure in our community—and can only make the upcoming negotiations for both AFTRA and SAG much more difficult.

We, as members of the America Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild, appeal to our fellow actors to come together with one strong voice through both of our unions as negotiations approach.

We must:

1. Recognize and embrace the diversity of opinions that exist in our community of actors—and work together in a rational, collegial manner to find our common voice. We cannot allow arrogant and aggressively hostile attitudes to divide us.

2. Keep Phase One, our agreement to bargain together, in place as it has been since 1981 with one member, one vote. Joint negotiation of our agreements benefits all performers.

3. Continue to work toward merger of our two unions. 

It’s a changing world. That’s why we—actors who are proud to be members of both AFTRA and SAG—call on all performers to unite and work together for positive change with our strong voice through our unions.


More than 2,100 signatures as of December 4, 2007

Rose Abdoo
Alan Abel
Mark Abel
Brad Abelle
Patsy Abrams
Roz Abrams
David Achelis
Judith Ackerman
Polly Adams
Fran Adams
Kortney Adams
Obaka Adedunyo
Charlie Adler
Karen Akers
Lori Alan
Catherine Albers
Ash Albert
Renee Albert
Shari Albert
Jane Alderman
Emelise Aleandri
Bobby Alessi
Marilyn Alex
G Keith Alexander
Helein Alexander
Adinah Alexander
Helen Alexander
Robin Alexander
Roslyn Alexander-Grodzin
Hope Alexander-Willis
Manny Alfaro
Bernie Allen
Paige Allen
Robert Allen
Lisa Allender
Julie Alley
Anne Allgood
R.J. Allision
Autumn Allison
Patti Allison
Veronica Alsina
Tom Amandes
Paul V. Ames
Shirin Amini
Alex Amorelli
Hira Amrosino
Eric Ancker
Leif Ancker
Beth Andersen
Brent Anderson
Jeanine Anderson
Tobias Anderson
Carleen Anderson
Johnnie Anderson
Mitchell Anderson
Haskell Anderson III
Jill Andre
Susan Andre
Marnie Andrews
Sylvia Andrews
Susan Angelo
Jennifer Ann Lee
Florence Annequin
Bryan Anthony
Perry Anzilotti
Jeff Applegate
Amy Aquino
James Aquino
Michael Arkin
Paul Armbruster
Annabel Armour
Kay Arnold
Madison Arnold
Tim Artz
L. Ashe
Yolanda Asher
Philip Ashley
Elyse Ashton
Stephanie Astalos-Jones
Lili Asvar
Angelo Athanasopoulos
Mark Atherlay
Tom Atkins
Amy Atwell
John Atwood
René Auberjonois
Flo Ayres
Maray Ayres
LB Ayres-Frederick
Richard Azurdia
August Azzara
Helen Azzara
K. Kevyne Baar
Joe Babicki
Emily Bach
David Bachman
John Badila
Edward Badrak
Rose Bae
Cyrilla Baer
Ron Bagden
Thomas-Kevin Bähler
Frederick Bailey
Louis W. Bailey
Michael Bailey
Travis Bailey
David Aaron Baker
Jordan Baker
Dee Baker
Mark Baker
Tom Baker
Brian Baldini
Molly Ballard
John Balma
Valerie Banks
Suzanne  Barbetta
Katreese Barnes
Frank Barnhart
Jennifer Barnhart
Billie Barnum
Bob Baron
Marc Baron
Bethany Barr
Joe Barrett
Justin Barrett
Bill Bartek
Robin Bartlett
Olivia Baseman
Joe Basile
Rena Baskin
Pam Bassett
Bobbie Bates
Alecia Batson
Charlotte Battin
Catherine Battistone
Jeff Baugh
James Baughman
Steve Bayorgeon
Betsy Beard
Jane Beard
Mike Beard
Jacqueline Beaumont
Carolyn Bednarski
Abe Beeson
Conchita Belisle
Jane Beller
Sylvia Beltran
Michelle Benes
Taous Bennai
Deborah Benner
Stacey L. Bennett
Molli Benson
Craig Benson
Stephen Benson
Sue Berch
Tom Bergeron
Dennis Berkfeldt
Shelley Berman
Jake Bern
Chopper Bernet
Jesse Bernstein
Blake Berris
Veronica Berry
Kay Bess
Karen Beyer
Alan Bickley
Gaye-Darlene Bidart
Caroline Bielskis
Susan Bigelow
Matt Bigler
jeffrey Bihr
Joe Bill
Jennifer Bills
Emily Bindiger
William Binford
Mary Birdsong
Richard Bischoff
Dawn Bishop
Kelly Bishop
Robin Bittman
Alice Bjorklund
Heather Blair
Kate Blair
Nesbitt Blaisdell
Michelle Blakely
Robert Blanche
Hal Blankenship
Christopher Blatchford
Paul Michael Bloodgood
Sandra M. Bloom
Judy Blue
Mark Blum
Steve Blum
Alan Blumenfeld
Larry Blumsack
Randy Bobish
Robert Bocchino
Edie Lehmann Boddicker
Mark Boeker
Chip Bolcik
Barbara Boles
Richard Bolks
Alex Bond
Katherine Bongfeldt
Anita Bonita
Martin Bookspan
William Borah
Bob Bost
Matthew Boston
Mel Boudrot
Kent Boughton
Margaret Boule
David Bowe
Warren Bowles
Margaret Bowman
Jack Boxer
Bruce Boxleitner
Deborah Boyajian
Jaxy Boyd
Susan Boyd Joyce
Andrew Boyer
Alyssa Boyle
Tom Bozell
Ami Brabson
Jim Bracchitta
Mark Bradley
Sean Bradley
Jim Brady
Thomas Brady
Mac Brandt
Robert Branigan
Andre Braugher
Jeffrey Bray
Thom Bray
Raoul Breton
James Brewster
Gary Bridges
Maritza Brikisak
Cassie Brill
Fran Brill
Jerry Brinkman
Bill Brochtrup
Freddie Brock
Jonathan Brody
Elaine Bromka
Haynes Brooke
Carole J. Brooks
Darin Brooks
Kevin Brooks
Peter Brouwer
Alexandra Brouwer
David Browde
Catherine Brown
Clancy Brown
Glenda Morgan Brown
Graham Brown
James N. Brown
Susan Brown
Laurie Brown
Tom Brown
Barbara Brownell
Jim Brownold
Barbara Broz
Susan Bruce
Heather Brumley
Mark Brutsche
Geoffrey Bryan
Kimilee Bryant
Jonathan Bryce
Gwen Bucci
Sheila Lynn Buckley
Katharine Buffaloe
Gigi Buffington
Pearce Bunting
Christina Burcato
Petrea Burchard
Raza Burgee
Kit Burke
Marie Burke
Suzanne Burkhead
Don Burns
Kate Burton
Bob Butler
Kevin Butler
Curtis Buttenheim Jr
Joseph Buttler
Ralph Byers
Jennifer Caban
Al Cacioppo
Larry Cahn
Madelyn Cain
Doreen Calderon
Stewart Calhoun
Tom Calhoun
Joe Cali
Dana Calitri
Christopher Callen
Blanca Camacho
Linda Cameron
D. Camp
Christopher Campbell
Cristina Campen
Susan Campochiaro
Lisa Dawn Cane
Geoffrey Cantor
Jonathan Cantor
Andrew Caple-Shaw
Leslie Carde
Tommy Day Carey
Peter Carey
Rich Carey
Barry Carl
Chet Carlin
Ismael Carlo
Elin Carlson
Shelly Carlson
Anne Carney
Brian Carney
Brian Carpenter
Dani Carr
Kim Carrell
Sasha Carrera
Vickie Carrico
Bumper Carroll
Mary Carson
Dee Carstensen
Lynne Carter
Gabrielle Carteris
Mark Cartier
Marc Carver
Francesca Casale
Dan Cashman
Tony Castillo
Elaine Caswell
Frank Catalano
Carlos Catano
Luna Catarevas
Ella Catucci
Laura Caufield
James Caulfield
Michael Cavanaugh
Martha Caveny
Mary Cedeno
Joseph Cerisano
Tina Cernero
James Chacko
Meg Chamberlain
Matt Champagne
Albert Chan
Dan Chandler
Jerry J Chandler
Dan Chandlr
Thomas A. Chantler
Michael  E. Chapman
Jeff Charlton
William Charlton
Dawn Charouhas
Sheffield Chastain
Peter Chen
Mimi Chen
Carol Chernakoff
Jo Chesley
Christopher Childs
Lisa Chookazian
Bill Chott
Marilyn Chris
David Christian
Jeff Christian
Paul Christie
Michael Citriniti
Wendye Clarendon
Bridget Clark
Bryan Clark
Martin Clark
Robert Clark
Robin Clark
Roz Clark-Thompson
Pamela Clay
David Clayberg
Stephanie Clayman
Malachy Cleary
Peter Cleaveland
Bill Cleavelin
Danny Clemens
Robert Clendenin
David Clennon
Katherine Cleveland
Janey Clewer
Will Clinger
Joseph Coburn
Peter Cofield
Joyce Cohen
Connie Coit
Nora Cole
Nicholas Coleman
Townsend Coleman
James Colgan
Ivonne Coll
Gene Collatz
Stephen Collins
Burton Collins
Cheryl Collins
Teddy Coluca
Tom Colucci
Arthur Comegno
David Comerford
Terry Conforti
Mary Ann Conk
Jack Conley
Susan Connors
Larry Conroy
Steve Conte
Carla Christina Contreras
Joseph Conway
Brooke Cook
Lainie Cooke
Neal Coomer
David Cooper
DB Cooper
Vincent Corazza
Joe Corcoran
Bill Cordell
Catherine Corkill
Anji Corley
Chris Corley
Elisabeth Corley
D W Cormire
Helen Cornelius
Lydia Cornell
D Corona
Susan Corrinne
Roxanna Cortes
Joel Cory
Vicki Costanzo
Barbara Costello
Nicolas Coster
Janie Coulter
Matthew R. Courter
Barbara Coven
Dr. Rich Cowin
John Henry Cox
Veanne Cox
Lisa Cox
Richard Cox
Sharon Cox
Peter Coyote
Mimi Cozzens
Gregory Crafts
Wendell L. Craig
Lawrence Craig
Doug Crane
Christiane Crawford
Luther Creek
Randy Crenshaw
Frank Crim
Giro Cristello II
Tom Crockett
Tandy Cronyn
A. Cross
Gilbert Cruz
Gilbert Cruz
Katie Cuddihy
Sharyon Culberson
Earle Culbertson
John Culea
Monet Cunningham
Rob Currens
Jon Curry
Jane Curtin
Jim Curtis
Roger Curtis
Timothy Dadabo
EG Daily
Linnea Dakin
Denise Dal Vera
Michael Dale
Sandra Alecia Daley
Elisabeth Daley
R.F. Daley
Ann Dalrymple
Jim Damron
Julie Daniels
Robert Daniels
John D'Aquino
Patrika Darbo
Janis Dardaris
Janis Dardaris
Cynthia Darlow
Stacy Darrow
Sarah Dash
Bryan Dattilo
Alex Daunis
Neeta Dave
Jeff David
Maria Davila
Leslie Davis
Mylika Davis
Chris Davitt
Rachel Dayne
Sandra De Bruin
Josie de Guzman
Josephine de Jesus
Elisa de la Roche
Ryan de Mesa
Carolyn De Mirjian
David de Vries
Laura Dean
Alan Deane
Maria Deasy
Teri Deaver
David DeBoy
Mark DeCarlo
John Degen
Trista Delamere
Dennis Delaney
Kathryn Delfs
Judith Delgado
Denny Delk
Michael Dell'Orto
Angelo Demetriou
Trish Dempsey
Becki Dennis
Frank Depasquale Jr
Richard Derespina
Angel Desai
Romance Desiree
Rik Deskin
James Desmond
Edouard DeSoto
Art Desuyo
John Dewar
Lori Di Costanzo
Nina Diamante
Susan Didrichsen
Deborah Dietrich
Gary Dietrich
David Dietz
Tony DiFalco
Carmen Dillon
Elizabeth Dimon
Robin Dionne
Michael Dohoney
Andrew Dolan
Patrice Donnell
Maureen Donnelly
Allison Donnelly
Questa Donnelly
Jack Donner
James Donzella
Margaret Dorn
Jennifer Dorogi
Diane Dorsey
Dawn Douglas
Thomas Downey
Denise Dowse
Richard Driscoll
Ryan Drummond
Gwendolyn Druyor
Derek du Chesne
Molyneau DuBelle
Cece DuBois
Evelyn Dubuc
Nancy Duerr
Patrick Duffy
Michelle Duffy
Pat Duke
Francis Dumaurier
Olivia Dunkley
Edward Dunn
Lindi Dunn
Kate Durbin
christopher Durham
Wayne Duvall
Christine Dwyer
David Early
Vincent Earnshaw
Doug Easton
April Eckerd
Sonya Eddy
Terrence Edmonds
Charles Edmondson
Evelyn Edwards
Milo Edwards
Jerry Edwards
Michael Edwin
Brandon Eells
Marshall Efron
Christine Egan
Jeffrey D. Eiche
Linda Eknoian
Peter Elbling
Alix Elias
Shawn Elliott
Fred Ellis
Graham Elwood
Amy Engelhardt
Michael Ensign
Mike Espejo
Jennifer Estlin
Jana Evans
Paul Evans
Brian Evers
Bruce Evers
Shelley Fabares
Jim Fagan
Tahlia Fagan
Morgan Fairchild
Mary Faktor
Michael Fandal
Paul Farbman
Ronnie Farer
Michael Farina
Mike Farrell
Reed Farrell
Robert Fass
Michael Faulkner
Suzy Fay
Oksana Fedunyszyn
Paulette Fein
Ruth Feingold
Diane Felty
Charles Ferrara
Richard Ferrone
MaryJean Feton
Joyce Feurring
John Fico
Jonny Fido
Edith Fields
Duncan Fife
David Fine
Marc Fine
Dann Fink
Cheryl Finlayson
Jane Finstrom
Kathryn Elizabeth Firago
Ed Fischer
Lisa Fischer
Ellen Fiske
Robert Fitch
Rick Fitts
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Annie Fitzpatrick
Allen Fitzpatrick
Fobert Fitzpatrick
John Flack
Anita Flanagan
Susan Flannery
Elizabeth Flax
Lauren Fleishman-Nielsen
G. Fleming
Shelby Flint
Alex Flipse
Tiwana Floyd
Quinton Flynn
Julie Fogel
Amy Fogerson
Susan Foley
Howard Fong
Barry Ford
Lawrence Forde
Lynn-Jane Foreman
Eric Forst
Tod Fortner
George Fosgate
George Fosgate
William Fowle
Cedering Fox
David L. Fox
Vivica A. Fox
Loretta Fox
Don Frabotta
Don Frabotta
Ilyssa Fradin
Eugene Francis
Jimmy Francis
Michael Francis
Jim Frangione
Dorian Frankel
Necia T. Wakefield Franklin
Brian Frates
Marianne Fraulo
Jason Frazier
Rita Frazier
E.M. Fredric
Richard Fredricks
Rita Fredricks
Paul Fredrix
Jenifer Freebairn
Sam Freed
Rob Freedman
Yvette Freeman
James French
Kaylene French
Daniel Frick
Steven Fried
Steve Friedman
Sharon Friendly
Denise Frisino
Rodney Fritz
Ed Fry
Bob Fry
David Fuller
Randy Fuller
Mona Fultz
Michael Gregory Fung
K Furey
Jane Gabbert
Jim Gaffigan
Boyd Gaines
Maura Gale
Gia Galeano
Jim Gall
Edward Gallardo
Tim Gallin
Bonnie Gallup
Laura Galt
Dana Gamarra
Luis Ignacio Gameros
LJ Ganser
Richard Gant
Marc Garber
Hector Garcia
Laura Gardner
Melissa Gardner
Terry Gardner
Jennifer Gareis
Julie Garfield
Ted Garland
Lee Garlington
Ralph Garman
Christopher Garrett
Sharon Garrison
Stephanie Garry
Anne Gartlan
Tara Garwood
Meillena Gary
Jacquelyn Gaschen
Margaret Gaspard
Jenny Gattone
Janette Gautier
Janie Gavin
Millena Gay
Cheryl Gaysunas
Anthony D. Geary
David Gee
Sean Geoghan
Jason George
Christina George
Nancy Georgini
Jerry Gerard
Jay Gerber
Roberta Germaine
J Gerson-Greer
Margiee Ghigo
Laura Giannarelli
Gloria Gibson
Julia Gibson
Jack Giesler
Peter Gil
Dave Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert
Nancy Giles
Ned Gill
M David Gillaspy
Billy Gillespie
Jean Gilpin
Kris Gilpin
Dan Gilvezan
Hillel Gitter
Derrick Givens
Steve Gladstone
Scott Glascock
Suzanne Glass
Victoria Gleason
Benjamin Glenday
Michael Glover
George Glynn
Joel Godard
Traci Godfrey
Bryan Goebel
Zoey Goetsch
Mark Goetzinger
Alice Gold
Phil Gold
Diane Golob
Ralph Gonzales
Sharon Michele Goodman
Catherine Goodman
Beverly Goods
Barry Gordon
Angela Gordon
Bruce Gordon
Noah Gordon
Olga Gorelik
Felipe Gorostiza
Milena Govich
Marc Gowan
Susan Grace
Randy Graff
Holter Graham
Cheryl Graham
Herb Graham
Tamara Graham
Nancy Lee Grahn
Sharon Graine
William Graves
Babs Gray
Cleve Gray
Mark Gray
J. Wingate Greathouse
Michael Greco
John Green
Mitch Greenberg
Kay C. Greene
Skeeter Greene
Renata Green-Gaber
Melissa Greenspan
Richard Greenwood
Larry Greer
Brien Gregorie
Michael Gregory
Mary Gregory
Jason Griffin
Michael Griffin
Thom Griffin
John Griggs
Dean Grimes
Jack Grinnage
Walter & Mona Grinspan
William Grivna
Parker Gronwold
Henry Gross
Adam Grupper
Kim Mai Guest
Timothy Guest
Samuel Guncler
Joe Gunderman
Ralph Gunderman
Anne Gunn
Johnny Gunn
Barbara Haas
Steven Haas
Molly Hagan
Don Hagen
Jim Hager
Jon Hager
Mylous Hairston
Katie Hale
Lynne Halevi
Robert David Hall
Ciji Hallowell
Julie Halpern
Richard Halpern
Cheryl Hamada
Marshall Hambro
Charlie Hamburger
R. Paul Hamilton
Bob Hamilton
Pamela Hamilton
Rene Hamilton
Bill Hamlin
Pearon Hampton
Ren Hanami
Jim Hanks
Kirk Hanley
Gerald Hansen
Curtis Hanson
Jules Harding
Jules Harding
Bill Hargreaves
John Harlan
Thomas M. Harlan
Jim Harley
Linda Harmon
Winsor D. Harmon III
Rebecca Harper
Steven Michael Harper
Anne-Mari Harris
Nancy Kay Harris
Steve Harris
Basil Harris
Jared Harris
Lowell Harris
Babo Harrison
Glenn Harston
Al Hart
Vanessa Hart
Mariette Hartley
David Hartley-Margolin
Cathryn Hartt
Peter Haskell
Dennis Haskins
Steven Hauck
Holly Hawkins
Bobby Haworth
Mary Ann Hay
Peter Haydu
Gil Hayes
Joy Haynes
Matilda Haywood
Sheila Head
Rick Hearst
David Heath
Marla Heath
Paul Hecht
Michael Heintzman
Eric Helland
Elaine Hendrix
John Henrehan
Eileen Henry
John Henry
Richard Henzel
Jackie Herbach
Heather Herington
Tom Heywood
Mae Hi
David Hibbard
Bryan Hickes
John Hickey
Donna Higbee
Wesley Hightower
Thomas Hilanto
Amy Hill
Pamela Hill
Virgil Hill
Cornell Hills
Gregory Hines
Robert Hines
Skip Hinnant
Todd Hissong
Tobin Hissong
Mike Hodge
Mick Hoegen
Nick Hoffa
Randy Hoffmeyer
Harlan R. Hogan
Chris Hogan
Harlan Hogan
Betsy Hogg
Allen Hohnroth
Susan Holbein
Anita Hollander
David Alan Holmes
Dean Holmes
Peg Holzemer
Claudia Hommel
Kaitlin Hopkins
Kim Hopkins
Paul Hopper
Paul Horn
Devin Horne
J.R. Horne
Stephen Horst
Dee Hoty
Mike Houston
Gary Houston
Wade Howard
Thompson Howell
Kathryn Howell
Tony Hoylen
Carter Hoyt
Jerry Hoyt
Diane Hsu
Hillary Huber
Keith Hudson
Rebecca Huff
Charles Hughes
Michael L. Hughes
Amy Hughes
Andy Humm
Stacey Hunt-Blankenship
Linda S. Hurd
Diane Hurley
James Huston
Tanya Hutchins
Jim Hutchison
Kristopher Hyatt
Jerry Immel
Helen Ingebritsen
Dan Ingram
Michael Ingram
Tom Ingram
Bonnie Isaac
Deborah Ishida
Samantha Ives
Dana Ivey
Edith Ivey
Sheela Sara Iyer
Clydene Jackson
Timothy Jackson
Hank Jacobs
John Jacobs
Ted H. Jacobsen
Anne Jacques
Denise Jaeckel-Copeland
Douglas James
Katherine James
Peter James
Stephanie James
Milt Jamin
Angie Jaree
Julie Jbara
Paul Jeans
Trisha Jeffrey
PJ Jenkinson
Barry Jenner
Benton Jennings
Michael Jensen
Shelley Jensen
Judy Jenson
Ronn Jerard
Tim Jerome
Gayle Jessup
Maria Jette
Jennifer Jiles
Noel Johansen
Bryan Scott Johnson
Deborah E Johnson
Greg Allen Johnson
John H Johnson
Donn Johnson
Keith Johnson
Ronald Johnson
William Johnson
Penny Johnson-Jerald
Bob Joles
Alan Bomar Jones
Keneth P Jones
Kathryn Joosten
Cassie Jordan
Jo Jordan
Jackie Joseph
T. S. Joseph
Mark Joy
Jon Joyce
David Joyce
Cynthia Judge
Francis Jue
Jacee Jule
David Jung
Bill Jurney
Jane Kaczmarek
Keven Kaddi
Bob Kaliban
Reed Kalisher
Alan Kalter
Wendy Kamenoff
Matthew Kaminsky
Tom Kane
Stan Kang
Kathy Kanitsch
Tina Kaplan
Dave Kappas
Kathy Karpin
Shirley Kassel
John Kassir
Katya Katya
Gerry Katzman
Judith Katz-Schwartz
Jean Kauffman
Phil Kaufmann
Lesli Kay
Dick Kay
John Kay
Dave Kaye
Doug Kaye
Tim Kazurinsky
Lori Kee
Christina Keefe
Rob Keefe
Keena Keel
Bill Keeton
Cindy Keiter
Larry Keith
Kevin Kelleher
Frank Kelley
Daren Kelly
Dennis Kelly
R. J. Kelly III
Dennis Kelly
Joanna Kelly
Michael Kelly
Stephanie Kelman
Tom Kemp
William Kempe
Louisa Kendrick
Larry Kenney
Laura Kenny
Tom Kenny
Paul Kent
Barbara Kent
Barbara Kerford
Linda Kerns
Kelle Kerr
Doug Kershaw
Constance Kerulis
Andrea Kessler
Cliff Kessler
Keegan-Michael Key
Mike Keys
Ron Kidd
Maureen Kiely
Patricia Kilgarriff
Kevin Kilner
Matthew Kimbrough
Michael Kindig
Andy Kindler
Darice King
Paige King
Stephen King
Curtis King Jr.
Barbara Kingsley
Valerie Kingston
Mike Kinnamon
Scott Kinney
John Kinsella
Michelle Kipper
James Kisicki
Carl Kissin
Barbara Kite
Melissa Kite
Carrie Klein
Craig Klein
Genni Klein
Joanne Klein
Gerald Kline
Richard Kline
Dick Klinger
Stefan Klum
Frank Knap Jr.
Bob Knapp
Jeff Knapp
Julianne Booth Knell
Christopher Knight
Ted Koch
Thomas Kocz
Jon Kohler
Ellen Koivisto
Kim Kokich
Robert Kokol
John Konvalin
Joyce Korbin
DeLora Whitney Kornegay
Lauren Koslow
John Kozuch
Micahel Kraft
Al Krause
Joe Krebs
Susan Krebs
Daniel Krell
Sara Krieger
Jocelyn Krieger
Sara Krieger
Steven Krueger
Len Kupfer
Jack Kutcher
Stephen Kyle
Mark La Mura
Christopher Lacey
Chris Ladd
Cathy Ladman
Don LaFontaine
Phil LaMarr
Terry Lamb
Lynne Lambert
Martha Lambert
Jack Landron
Laura Lane
Katherine Kelly Lang
Jay Lang
Jim Lange
Scott Langenfeld
Charles Lanyer
Lawrence Laravela
Clete Larkey
Scott LaRose
Mike Larose
Ruth Last
John W. Lawson
John Lawson
Simone Lazer
Natalie Le Blanc
Barbara Lea
Philip Ledwith
Michelle A Lee
Cary Lee
Georgiana Lee
Heather Lee
Judi Lee
Keasha Lee
Melissa Leebaert
Bob Leedom
BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange
John Leguizamo
Charles Lehman
Lillian Lehman
Zena Leigh
Jay Leno
Tom Lenoci
Lee Leonard
Ron Leone
Carl Leslie
Don Leslie
Lindze Letherman
Deborah Levin
Bunny Levine
Michael Levine
Richard Levinson
Sherrie Lewandowski
Yarc Lewinson
Jen Alison Lewis
Norm Lewis
Roland "Buddy" Lewis
Jonny Lewis
Lisa Lewis
Maxayn Lewis
Mitch Lewis
Sharon Lewis
Henry Leyva
Rosemarie Li
Natalie Rose Liberace
Herb Lichtenstein
K.C. Ligon
Tom Ligon
Aymi Lin
Britt Lind
Virenia Lind
Kate Linder
Charles Linshaw
Becca Lish
David Little
Beth Littleford
Ramon Livingston
Karen Lockwood
David Lodge
David Logan
Michael Logan
Fredric  M. London
Dennis Long
Belle Lopez
Carmen Lopez
Linda Lopez
John Lordan
Doug Lory
Doug Lory
Lee Loughnane
Marcus Lovett
Victoria Loving
Penelope Darcel Lowder
Scott Lowell
Yuri Lowenthal
Ray Luetters
James Lurie
Robert Lydiard
Robert Lyle
Will Lyman
Andrea Lyman
Thomas Lynch
Franceska Lynne
Susan Lyons
Ron Mac Closkey
William MacAdam
Donald Mackay
Lara MacLean
Walt MacPherson
Sheila Maddox
William Maddux
Ron Magers
Deirdre Maher
John Malan
Ian Maldonado
Margaret Maloney
Liz Mamana
Elizabeth Mang
Camryn Manheim
Gabriel Mann
T. J. Mannix
Krisha Marcano
Parnell Marcano
Jocko Marcellino
Brian Marcum
John Margolis
Nicky Margolis
Mercedes Maria
Michele M. Mariana
Janet Marie
Deborah Marlowe
Jerry Marr
Les Marshak
Terri Marsteiner
Arlene Martell
Jacki Lynn Martin
Susan Edwards Martin
Joyce Martin
Marylee Martin
Antonio Martinez-Olave
Fran Martone
Rocky Martucci
Cynthia Marty
Larry Marx
Geany Masai
Bob Mascall
Karla Mason
Karen Woodward Massey
Jennifer Massey
Richard Masur
Michael Matheson
Charles Mathison
Dakin Matthews
Aaron May
John H. Mayer
Kelley Mc Auliffe
George Mc Daniel
Sarah Mc Graw
Peter Mc Hugh
Todd Mc Laren
Wanda McCaddon
Patty McCall
Jacqueline McCall
Michael McCarty
Peggy Mccay
Ron McClary
JC McClure
John McCook
Will McCormack
Mykle McCoslin
Arnold Mcculler
Lynn McCune
David McDonald
Mary McDonald-Lewis
Thomas McElroy
Theresa McElwee
Donna McFadden
Brian McGahren
Richard McGonagle
Mike McGrath
Mitch McGuire
Chris McGuire
Joanna McHugh
Allison McKay
Robert McKay
K. McKennon
Geoff McKnight
Geoff McKnight
Suzi McLaughlin
Jeanette McMahon
Kevin McMahon
Kevin McNally
Kathleen McNenny
Jim McNickle
Tom McNutt
George McRae
Betsey Means
Roberto Medina
Charles Mefferd
Robert Meier
Kathryn Meisle
Amanda Melby
John Melendez
KiKi Melendez
Jose Melian
Basilio Melo
Rachel Melvin
Joe Mendello
Alvaro Mendoza
Elizabeth Atwater Menes
John P. Menese
Uriel Menson
Stesha Merle
Reba Merrill
Jesse Merz
Paul Meshejian
Nasser Metcalfe
Elli Meyer
Ronald Bruce Meyer
Larry Meyers
Peter Michael Marino
Frank Michaels
Carolyn Michel
Roger Middleton
Rich Miles
Maria Milito
Carlton Miller
Ed Miller
Jim Miller
Peggy Miller
Taylor Miller
Hayley Mills
Candi Milo
John Milson
Nancy Mimless
Jon Mindell
Michele Mines
David Mingrino
Charles Mintz
Mike Misiak
Tony Misiano
Sharon Misik
Lizan Mitchell
Douglas Moening
Kelly Monaco
Carol Monda
Rochelle Monreiro
Edward Monterosso
Chuck Montgomery
Anthony Montgomery
Mike Montgomery
Mary Elaine Monti
Gary Moody
Deadra Moore
Karla Denise Moore
Terry Edward Moore
Cheryl Moore
Dorothy Moore
Peter Moore
Tom Moore
Bill Mootos
Miki Mootsey
Jo Morales
Stephen Moramarco
Mike Moran
Amy Mordecai
Ron Morgan
Scott Morgan
Cerris Morgan-Moyer
Toochis Morin
Peter Morley
Victor A. Morris
Sue Anne Morrow
Don Morrow
Robert Morse
Lia Mortensen-Osborne
Joe Mosbrook
Susan Moses
Alyce Mott
Abby Mueller
Roger Mueller
Jenni Muldaur
Erich A. Muller
James Mulvaney
Jan Munroe
Christopher Murney
Donna Murphy
Thomas Murray
James Murtaugh
Beth Anne Musiker
Jody Myers
Michelle Myers
Kurt Naebig
Joe Narciso
Kathryn Nash
Deborah Nathan
Tony Nation
Larry Nazimek
Brynn Neal
Mark Neely
Miles Neff
Alexandra Neil
Debra Nelson
Hailey Anne Nelson
Novella Nelson
Brenda Nelson
David Nelson
Robert Nelson
Gale Nemec
Stephen Nemeth
Tony Nesbitt
Ted Neustadt
Stephen Newman
Martha Newman
Peter Newman
Tracy Newman
Beorge Nguyen
Lyndia Nicole
Patty Nieman
Rosa Nino
Sally Nisbet
Crystal Nix
Sandra Noah
Kathleen Noone
Ray Normandeau
Steve Norris
Linda November
Joseph Nunez
Jill Ober
David O'Brien
Donald O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien
John O'Connell
Peggy O'Connell
Michael O'Connor
Jack O'Donnell
David Oelert
Russell Offenbach
Robert O'Gorman
Jack O'Hara
Caitlin O'Heaney
Marrissa O'Leary
Celeste Oliva
Polly O'Malley
Kevin O'Morrison
Michael O'Neill
Janice O'Neill
Neil O'Neill
Yvonne O'Neill
Peter Onorati
Ron Orbach
Fred Ornstein
Fred Ornstein
Kevin O'Rourke
Kevin Osborne
Kristen Osman
Katherine O'Sullivan
Thompson O'Sullivan
Matthew O'Toole
Mary Outt
Marianne Owen
Suzanne Owens-Duval
Bobbi Page
Deanna Palazzotto
Ann Palmer
William Pannell
Ray Paolantonio
Ray Paolantonio
Rachel Paolucci
Pete Papageorge
Jamie Papandrea
John Papandrea
Judy Parker
Jay Parks
David Parmeter
Joseph Parnell
Robert Parnell
Estelle Parsons
Marilyn Pasekoff
Mary Passeri
Elease Patrick
Dean Patterson
Rob Paulsen
Robert Pavlovich
Joe Pcolinsky
Charles Peak
M Pechner
Michael Pechner
Marla Price Peck
William Peed
Harry Peerce
Fritz Peerenboom
Kirk Penberthy
Mariel Penberthy
Bert Pence
Janice Pendarvis
Charles Pendleton
Claudine Pepin
Harold Perdon
Charles Perez
Gladys Perez
Toni Perkins
Reg Perry
Danielle Perry
Uncle Pete
Geoff Peters
Naomi Peters
Paul Petersen
Robert Peterson
Jeremy Peterson
Lenka Peterson
Ralph Petrarca
Mason Pettit
Rick Pfeiffer
Ethan Phillips
Maggie Phillips
Hardy Phippen
Vincent Piazza
Tricia Pierce
James Pierce
Robert Pine
Julie Pinson
Thom Pinto
Ron Piretti
Joan Pirkle
John Piruccello
Lynn Pittmon
Dale Place
Norman Plaisted
Andrew Platner
Mike Pniewski
Pat Podell
Liza Politi
Nancy Politzer
Barbara Polk
Joshua Pollock
Matthew Porter
Jay Potter
John D. Potts
Carolyn Power
Andrea Press
Linda Press
Jacquelyne Presti
Joe Allen Price
Diane Price
Natasha Price
Terri Price
Christopher Prince
Diane Prior
Edward Prostak
Guy Provenzano
John Prudhont
Robb Pruitt
Carlos Puchi
Jeff Pucillo
Willard Pugh
Kara Pulcino
Jorge Pupo
G. Purnhagen
Duncan Putney
Brad Pye Jr
Maeve Quinlan
Debora Rabbai
Sheryl Rabinovitz
Lenny Rabinowitz
Cheyanne Racey
Ingo Rademacher
Jake Rademacher
Rebecca Raisman
Julianne Ramaker
Sophia Ramos
Victor Ramos
Patricia Randell
RN Rao
Dale Raoul
Gail Rastorfer
Eric Rath
Bill Ratner
Neil Rattigan
Anna Raviv
Emily Rayner
Roberta Reardon
James Rebhorn
Marisa Redanty
Michael Redman, Jr
Bobby Charles Reed
Karen Reed
Joyce Reehling
Bob Regan
Paul Reggio
Brian Reid
Ric Reitz
Rich Remedios
Peter Renaday
Rich Renik
Christine Renollet
Rico Retes
Abigail Revasch
Danny Rhodes
Judy Rice
Zander Rice
B. Ruby Rich
Charles Richards
Jason Richards
Kimberly Richards
Trevor Richardson
Vinnie Richichi
Fran Richmond
Leenya Rideout
Jon Riendeau
Matthew Riley
Greg Rini
Andre Rishi
Rosalind Rita
Jorge Rivero
Jason Robards III
Jim Robbins
Tanio Roberson
Barbara Roberts
Mark Roberts
Tony Roberts
Doug Roberts
Ian Roberts
James Roberts
Mark Roberts
Tony Roberts
Naomi Robin
James Robinson
Marty Robinson
Michelle Robinson
Chrisse Roccaro
Sebastian Roche
Marcia Rodd
Buzz Roddy
Tony Rodgers
Rennie Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez
David Roe
Gil Rogers
Jane Rogers
Scott Rogers
Lynne Rogers
Ninon Rogers
Ken Rogerson
Regan D. Rohde
Steve Roitstein
Paul Rolnick
Karen Root
Bianca Rosas
Sandy Rosenberg
Sharon Rosner
Chelcie Ross
Howard Ross
Marshall Ross
Neilson Ross
Janet Rowney
Marge Royce
Sandez Ruelas
Vivian Ruiz
Scott Rummell
Michael Russell
Brian Russell
Catherine Russell
Tim Russell
Tony Russell
Linda Ryan
Susan Ryan
Denece Ryland
Robert Sabotka
John Sacco
Nancy Sadsad
Alan Safier
Nick Sakai
Mike Sakellarides
Gregory Salata
Betsy Salkind
Laura Sametz
Gabby Sanalitro
Adriana Sananes
Gaily Sanders
Henry Sanders
Rommy Sandhu
Tara Sands
Daniel Santoro
Jeffery Santos
Christopher Sapienza
Chris Sarandon
Angela Sargeant
Memo Sauceda
Rainelle Saunders
Blane Savage
Laurel Savoie
Jay Sawyer
Toni Sawyer
James Saya
Raphael Sbarge
Richard Schaal
William Schallert
Mark Scheerer
Gonzo Schexnayder
Micki Schloss
Greg Schmidt
Elizabeth Schmidt
Ned Schmidtke
Doug Schneider
James Schneider
Lew Schneider
Steve Scholz
H Schooler
Daryl Schultz
Jeremy Schwartz
Gary Schwartz
Dean Scofield
David Scott
Kevin Newland Scott
Daren Scott
Siiri Scott
Sue Scott
Kevin Scullin
Judith Searle
Craig Sechler
Faith Seetoo
Mary Seibel
John Seidman
Nancy Sellers
Frank Senger
Barbara Seppi
Matt Servitto
Bill Seward
Bruce Shaffer
Judy Shafran
Rajiv Shah
Michael Shapiro
Doug Shapiro
Michael Shapiro
David Shatraw
Richard Shavzin
Jack Shaw
Skip Shea
Susan S Shearer
Mary Agnes Shearon
Jill Shellabarger
Michael Shelle
Donald Shelton
Michael Shelton
Leslie Shenkel
Bill Shick
Tom Shillue
Richard Shoff
Gary Short
Rachel Sibner
Phyllis (Santara) Sidersky
Adam Sietz
Robert Silver
Ami Silvestre
Peter Sime
Dave Simmons
Frank Simms
Heather Alicia Simms
George Simms
Peter Simon
Virginia Simonson
Matt Simpson
Erik Singer
Jason Singer
Peter Siragusa
Fredric Sirasky
Joe Siriani
Tara Sitser
Troy Skeeters
Christian Skelley
Christian Skelley
Sherry Skinker
Pat Skipper
Ellen Sklar
Tess Skorczewski
Jenn Slater
Carlos Slazraqui
Joseph Small
Ashton Smith
Frank Kingston Smith
Keith Randolph Smith
Kurtwood Smith
Sheldon Smith
Jill Smith
Lani Smith
Leslie Smith
Susan Smith
Derek Snow
Arlen Dean Snyder
Susan Snyder
Michael Sode
Charo Sofia
Rebecca Sohn
Matthew Solari
Michael Solaroli
George Solomon
Roberta Solomon
Asa Somers
Paula Sonenberg
Ingrid Sonnichsen
Tawny Sorensen
Annette Sousa
Roy Souza
Joseph Spano
G Scott Spence
Wanda Spence
Stephen Spencer
Eva Spencer
Frank Spencer
Valerie Spencer
David Spielberg
Jerry Sroka
Pete Stacker
Kimberly Stanphill
Jerilyn Stapleton
Nicholas Starace II
J.R. Starr
Laura Ciresi Starr
Sheila Stasack
Wayne Steadman
Warren Stearns
Mandy Steckelberg
Maureen Steindler
Kari Steinert
Frank Stellato
Darren Stephens
Monica Steuer
Sally Stevens
Bill Stevens
Hillary Stevens
Sheri Mann Stewart
Andre Stojka
Paul Stolarsky
Barry Stoltze
Fred Stone
Dalton Storm
Charles Stransky
Karen Strassman
Guy Strauss
Jerry Strickler
Margaret Strom
Brenda Strong
Susan Strong
Mike Styer
Vanessa Suarez
B Sudano
Leanne Summers
Patricia Sun
Carol Susi
Bill Sutherland
Claudette Sutherland
Kristine Sutherland
Nancy Sutherland
Adrienne Swan
Jackie Swike
Christopher Symonds
Erik Synnestvedt
Keith Szarabajka
Bernie Tafoya
Enci Takacs
Emilie Talbot
Alaina Talebreza
Gina Taliaferro
J. Kevin Tallent
Jill Talley
Richard Tamblyn
Philip Tanzini
Bernard Tarver
Suzi Tasca
Elizabeth Tatum
Brian Taylor
David Taylor
Minnie Tee
Ithica Tell
Jacque Temple
Jee Teo
Mary Testa
Stephen Testa
Michael Tezla
Gary Theroux
Hal Thomas
Randy Thomas
Vaneese Thomas
Dee Thompson
Neil Thompson
Elwood Thompson
Tom Thon
Ron Thornton
Jacqueline Thornton
Peggy Thorp
Amy Threet
Jan Tiehen
Don Tieri
Ann Timmons
Jonathan Tindle
Paula Tiso
Clifford Todd
Rob Tode
Ben Tolpin
Heather Tom
Kerri Tombazian
Tony Tomey
Jane Torbica
Laurine Towler
Elizabeth Tracer
Christopher Tranchina
Jerry Trent
Lori Tritel
Dan Truman
Robert Turano
J.T. Turner
Robert Turner
Kim Tuvin
Donnavan Tyler
Robin Tyler
David Tyree
Rick Uecker
Peter Umbras
Scott Umfress
Leslie Upson
Leslie Valdes
Joan Valentina
Rosemarie Van Camp
Victor Van Etten
Jennifer Van Horn
Peter Van Norden
Cynthia Vance
Dana Vance
Oliver Vaquer
Chuck Varesko
Ed Vasgersian
Chris Vasquez
Greg Vaughan
Damian Vega
Russell Velazquez
Fred Velde
Shirley Venard
Victor Verhaeghe
Heather Viau
Tania Villanueva
Steve Vinovich
Greg Violand
Jos Viramontes
Robert Vitale
Marisa Vitali
Michael Vitullo
Lori Vozzella
Mary Wachtel
Alan Wade
Melinda Wade
Duane Wadsworth
Jack Wagner
Ann Walker
Michael Dean Walker
Peggy Walker
Marty Wall
Bob Wallace
Lee Wallace
Nancy Walsh
Robert Walsh
Dawn Walters
W. A. Walters
Eleanor Wang
Jamie C.Ward
Jomarie Ward
Megan Ward
Barry Ward
Jamie Ward
Michael Ward
Lanette Ware
Todd Waring
Gene Warman
Don Warnock
Joseph E. Washington
Jaerin Washington
Joe Washington
May Washngton
Oren Waters
Judy Waters
Julia Waters
Ronald Watkins
Jody Watley
Elliot Waxman
Derrick Wayne
Beau Weaver
John Webber
Cynthia Webb-Manly
David Webster
Doug Weeks
Scott Weil
John Weitz
Brian Welch
Wendy Welch
Sarah Wellington
Janet M. Wells
Nora Wells
Karen Wendt
Debi Mae West
Burt West
Carolyn West
Garrison Westbrook
Troy Westin
Jonah Weston
Barbara Whinnery
William H. White
Carole White
Evan White
Gregory White
Irene White
Mary White
Pippa White
Tim White
Elizabeth Whitfield
Bradley Whitford
Doreen Whitlock
Vivicca Whitsett
Craig Wichman
Cheyenne Rose Wickline
Harley G. Wickline
Linda Wielkotz
Tom Wiggin
Jack Wilbern
Robert H. Wilcox
David Willey
Brandon Marilee Williams
Elliot Williams
Owen Williams
Sundra Jean Williams
Casey Williams
Dan Williams
George Williams
Janice Williams
Ken Williams
Krystal Williams
L.B. Williams
Percy Williams
Stephen Williams
John Williamson
Brian Wilson
Dennis Wilson
Cooki Winborn
Charles Winter
Jeff Winter
Jim Winter
Sally Winters
Kate Winters
Verna Winters
John M. Wirtz
Bob Wise
Donald Wolfe
Greg Wood
Phil Wood
Tory Wood
Marta Woodhill
Doris Woodruff
Jack Woods
Thom Woodward
Jimmie D. Wright
James Wright
Bill Wronski
Anne Wyndham
Gina Yashere
Joe Yau
Alberto Ybarra
Cedric Young
Cortez Young
Barrie Youngfellow
Ziska Z
Edward Zajac
Liz Zazzi
Paul Zegler
Mark Zeisler
David Zema
Jacklyn Zeman
Ted Ziegenbusch
Connie Zimet
Deidre Zimmer
Lisa Zimmer
M Zinner
Alicia Zipp
Bettye P. Zoller
Claire Zundell-Weiner

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