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AFTRA New York Members Elect Local Officers
and Local and National Board Members

Actor Holter Graham Selected as AFTRA New York Local President

NEW YORK, NY (May 30, 2007)—Members of the New York Local of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists elected actor Holter Graham to serve as Local President. Other Local officers and Local and National board members were also selected in voting that concluded last week.

In addition to Graham, who ran unopposed, AFTRA New York Local officers selected include Vice Presidents Dan Ingram, Anne Gartlan, Ed Fry, Janette Gautier, and Ruth Last; Recording Secretary Lainie Cooke; and Treasurer Mitch McGuire.

Elected to represent New York on the AFTRA National Board with four-year terms include actors Anita Hollander, James Lurie, Lainie Cooke, Holter Graham, Elaine LeGaro, Robert Lydiard, and Janette Gautier; newsperson/sportscaster David Browde; and singer/dancer/specialty act Elaine Caswell.

Elected to serve three-year terms as AFTRA New York Local Board Members include actors Polly Adams, Anne Gartlan, Lainie Cooke, Martha Greenhouse, Marie Masters, Janette Gautier, Jeff Greene, and Gerald M. Kline; announcers Eric Rath and Jeff Spurgeon; and newspersons Liz Gonzalez and Dave Browde.

Ballots for the election were tabulated by the American Arbitration Association with a total of 1,838 valid ballots cast.


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