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AFTRA Recording Artists Endorse Offer to Extend
Subsidized Performance Rates for Small Webcasters

WASHINGTON, DC (May 22, 2007)—The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists today endorsed the offer to extend the prior rates to small webcasters for internet streaming of performances by recording artists.

“AFTRA recording artists want webcasters to succeed, especially small niche webcasters who introduce the passion and excitement of diverse forms of music to fans around the world,” said AFTRA National Executive Director Kim Roberts Hedgpeth. “We support SoundExchange’s effort to address the needs of small webcasters who need additional time to gain a stronger foothold in the marketplace, while ensuring that artists are fairly compensated in the digital realm.”

The proposal by SoundExchange would extend to small webcasters the terms of prior legislation known as the Small Webcaster Settlement Act through 2010 with some minor modifications. The 2002 act that expired in 2005 had set temporary below-market royalty rates for small Internet radio stations in order to provide them additional time to build their businesses.

The offer was a direct response to a request from the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property to “initiate good faith private negotiations with small commercial and noncommercial webcasters with the shared goal of ensuring their continued operations and viability.”


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