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AFTRA and Retirement Living Agree to Contract that Covers
All Professional Performers on the New Cable Network

Los Angeles, CA (March 9, 2007)—In a joint statement released yesterday, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists has reached an agreement with all producers of programming for Retirement Living TV, LLC—a new basic cable network devoted to older Americans’ needs—to assure that AFTRA members will be employed in all entertainment and information programs on the network.

“This first contract will offer many new job opportunities nationwide for AFTRA professionals,” said Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, AFTRA National Executive Director. “The commitment of Retirement Living to diversity, and particularly to the employment of senior performers, is to be applauded and we’re excited about how AFTRA members will help carry out the mission of the new network.”

Brad Knight, President of Retirement Living TV, said, “This is an important milestone for us, and a major step forward in our growth. It represents a breakthrough opportunity to bring mature talent to an appreciative national audience of over 26 million households as we become America’s definitive portal to authoritative information and programming on aging. We think of it as TV for Your Freedom Years.”

Elliot Jacobson, Vice President of Programming, said, “We look forward to the depth of experience that senior AFTRA performers will contribute to our programs.”

Retirement Living targets Americans age 55 years and older, offering a wide range of programs on topics including health, lifestyle, finance, and politics.

Based in Columbia, Maryland, with production facilities in Los Angeles and New York, Retirement Living has viewers in over 1,500 communities served by Comcast Mid-Atlantic and New England and on DirecTV satellite service.

With the new agreement in place effective March 1, 2007, AFTRA rescinded the “No Contract, No Work” order in place since last fall that discouraged members of AFTRA and other performers’ unions from accepting employment from Retirement Living. AFTRA members nationwide are now free to work on programs for the new network.

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