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Member Benefits

AFTRA members have access to a wide variety of benefits.

From credit union membership and scholarships to diversity initiatives and equal employment opportunity protections, from health and retirement benefits to supplemental insurance and discounts on popular products and services, professional performers, broadcast journalists and recording artists are moving their careers, families and communities forward with AFTRA.

Networks, local stations, producers, advertisers and record labels who signed AFTRA collective bargaining contracts are AFTRA signatories. In most cases, these signatories are required to make contributions to members’ health and retirement benefit plans. And AFTRA benefits are portable; you carry them from employer to employer and from job to job. When you work under an AFTRA contract, and meet applicable earnings thresholds, you have access to the AFTRA Health and Retirement Funds.

AFTRA also makes a number of supplemental programs available that can provide discounts and alternative insurance not available through AFTRA H&R plans. These include GBA Supplemental Program, Foundation One [for members not eligible for AFTRA H&R], Union Plus/Union Privilege, The Entertainment Industry Group Insurance Trust/TEIGIT and MusicPro.

And AFTRA members can also take advantage of a credit union, several discount programs, special scholarships for members and their families and, when necessary, arbitration services.

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