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Journalism is an increasingly dangerous profession.  Whether covering stories overseas or at home, journalists routinely face risks to their personal safety.  AFTRA, through its membership in the International Federation of Journalists and the International News Safety Institute,  has been at the forefront of ensuring that its members have access to safety training resources.  AFTRA members who are facing assignments in dangerous circumstances should be aware of these resources.

Live NewsóA Survival Guide for Journalists:  The International Federation of Journalists and its affiliated members (including AFTRA) have prepared this guide, which contains comprehensive practical information about the safe practice of journalism in dangerous circumstances.   Click here to downloaded copies, free of charge.

Iraq Media Hotline:  In case of news media personnel in danger, call the Combined Press Information Center (CPIC) 24/7 number 

                                        +1 914 360 5089

The Watch Officer on duty must be told the situation is an emergency and should be brought to the immediate attention of CPIC chief Rear Admiral Gregory Slavonic.

If there are any problems with this channel, call the 24/7 Duty Officer at the Pentagon press office

                                         +1 703 697 5131

Ask him or her to attention immediately Bryan Whitman, the Pentagon spokesman.

This procedure is for potentially life-threatening situations, detentions and other serious incidents involving journalists and other news team members covering Iraq. It is NOT for news coverage requests.

IFJ Press Cards:  AFTRA members are permitted to carry press cards issued by the International Federation of Journalists.  There is a small fee associated with the issuance of a press card.  For information, please contact your local AFTRA office, or the National News and Broadcast Department at (800) 638-6796.

West Bank Safety Center:  The International Federation of Journalists has opened a new safety center in Ramallah to support journalists and media staff against the risks faced while working in the region. The safety center is being launched in cooperation with the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate and will provide vital safety assistance, advice and equipment for all journalists and media staff. A 24-hour hotline will be set up along with a website giving practical advice and information to journalists working in the area.  For further information please contact +32 2 235 22 00

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