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In several personal services contracts, generally among broadcasters, employers often exercise the ability to restrict former employees from seeking subsequent employment through various contractual restrictive covenants. As this battle is generally fought on a state-by-state battle, AFTRA arranges for long-standing and relatively new broadcast members to provide testimony during committee hearings on the bills, and to speak personally with legislators on the importance of these bills.

Law Review Article - Switching Stations: The Battle Over Non-Compete Agreements in the Broadcasting Industry 

Four states, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, and the District of Columbia, ban restrictive covenants in the broadcast industry.

New York non-compete legislation update
June 2004.   S3436 (The Broadcast Industry Free Market Act) and A8294 (the Broadcast Industry Employees Freedom to Work Act).  The New York State Assembly and Senate recessed for the summer break without making progress on the non-compete legislation. Therefore, the letter writing campaign is suspended until further notice. We thank you for your support!