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AFTRA Member Forms, Contracts and Reports


If you wish to contact the AFTRA National Agency Department, please email us at agency@aftra.com.

Member Contact Information Form

Standard Employment Contracts and Member Reports

In order to use any of the following forms, the Employer/Producer must be a Signatory to the applicable AFTRA Agreement. If you are not sure of signatory status, please call the National Signatory Department at 800.431.7447 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time or your AFTRA Local office.

AFTRA members should always confirm signatory status before accepting an engagement.

After completing the applicable form, you may print it. You can also download the form for use offline.

After the Employer and Performer both sign the form, forward a copy to the applicable AFTRA Local office within 48 hours. A list of AFTRA offices can be found on the AFTRA List of Locals page by clicking here.

Most of these AFTRA PDF forms are fillable online. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use.

Standard Employment Contracts

AFTRA Radio Recorded Commercials
• AFTRA Television Recorded Commercials, Principal Performers
• AFTRA Television Recorded Commercials, Extras

AFTRA Non-Broadcast/Industrial
AFTRA Interactive Media

Member Reports

• AFTRA Radio Recorded Commercials
AFTRA Television Recorded Commercials
AFTRA Non-Broadcast/Industrial
AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement
AFTRA Sound Recordings Session Report



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