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2007 George Heller Memoral Gold Card Winners

Janette Gautier and Susan Boyd Joyce

2007 Gold Card winners Susan Boyd Joyce and Janette Gautier congratulate each other as convention delegates applaud the honorees.

The George Heller Memorial Gold Card is AFTRA's highest award given to an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions to AFTRA and its members. The Gold Card was awarded first to Henry Jaffe in 1957 – and is presented during the biennial AFTRA National Convention.

The 2007 Gold Cards were presented to Janette Gautier and Susan Boyd Joyce by the 2005 Gold Card winners, actor Maureen Donnelly and broadcaster Dan Ingram, both of New York, and longtime AFTRA Washington/Baltimore Local General Counsel Tom Powers.

2005 Gold Card winner Dan Ingram presents Janette Gautier with AFTRA’s highest honor.

Janette Gautier

Janette Gautier has served AFTRA members for more than 30 years, making important contributions to the effort to build AFTRA into a stronger national union.

A veteran of “Saturday Night Live,” various soap operas, TV series, and films, Janette has served as an AFTRA Local vice president and Board member since 1982; and as a valued member of AFTRA’s National Board for more than 25 years.

When AFTRA’s National Administrative Committee was formed in 1991, Janette was among the first to be appointed because the National President and the National Board wanted experienced, committed people who worked well with others and knew the importance of teamwork. She has served on numerous negotiating teams, and chaired a number of other committees.

Janette has chaired New York’s invaluable Open Door Committee for more than ten years – and is president of the AFTRA Heller Memorial Foundation.

Susan Boyd Joyce rejoices as 2005 Gold Card winner Maureen Donnelly presents the Gold Card.

Susan Boyd Joyce

A union member since age 12, having been discovered in a school play, then working in the jurisdictions of all performer unions, Susan Boyd Joyce colleague toured in the national companies of “Grease” and “Jesus Christ Superstar,” then became an AFTRA member in 1975. Relocating on the other coast, she trod the TV boards, playing in “Happy Days” and guest starring in leading TV series.

m Powers, 2005 Gold Card winner, congratulates Susan Boyd Joyce.

But it was as a singer Susan found a niche on the West Coast as a leading vocalist in hundreds of television and radio commercials over the last 25 years. There have also been scores of feature films, including dubbing the voices of leading stars.

Susan has been and remains a member and chair of many AFTRA committees and negotiating teams; a member of the National Board since 1991; National Vice President for 11 years (1993-2004); Local President for five years ( from 1994-2001); and now starting a fourth term as Local First Vice President.

She is also the visionary, architect, fundraiser, and producer of the informative documentary about AFTRA’s history that has been distributed to, and is being shown by AFTRA Local unions.

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