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Host for 2009 AFTRA National Convention


Whereas, Chicago is the birthplace of the Labor Movement and International Labor Day, which honors the Haymarket Martyrs; and

Whereas, more unions were founded in Chicago than any other city in the United States and, hence, Chicago has more Local Ones than anywhere else in the country; and

Whereas, in AFTRA’s 70 year history, the Chicago Local has hosted 8 AFTRA National Conventions, more than any other Local; and

Whereas, the Chicago Local has hosted at least one AFTRA National Convention in each decade of AFTRA’s existence, except the 1970’s; and

Whereas, in the 70 years of AFTRA’s history the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series; and

Whereas, holding an AFTRA Convention in Chicago in the first decade of the 21st Century may negate the aforementioned curse of the hapless, but loveable, Cubs; and

Whereas, the AFTRA National Convention is the highest governing body of the Union and conducts the most important work of the Union; and

Whereas, Chicago is known as the “City of Big Shoulders” and the “City That Works” and home of the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox;”

Now therefore be it resolved, that the 2009 AFTRA National Convention be held in Chicago so that AFTRA, AFL-CIO can put the work of the Union on its Big Shoulders and continue its proud history of representing and promoting the interests of its members.

Submitted by: The Chicago Caucus 

Adopted 7/21/07