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Salute to Martha Reeves


Whereas, AFTRA proudly represents singers and is a leader in the fight for fair wages and working conditions for session singers, roster and recording artists; and

Whereas, participation and leadership by prominent AFTRA recording artists are essential components of our ongoing organizing efforts in our union and in the halls of Congress; and

Whereas, Martha Reeves has set a shining example in her willingness to put her long-standing career and professional reputation on the line in testimony and action on behalf of her sisters and brothers in AFTRA; and

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that the AFTRA 2007 Convention go “on record” to thank Martha Reeves for her classic voice, raised in solidarity and courage for all the members of AFTRA; and
Motown vocalist Martha Reeves was honored by delegates for her hard work and service

Be It Further Resolved
, that AFTRA and its members make every effort to build on her example by encouraging other artists of Ms. Reeves’ caliber to join in this most important aspect of organizing in Sound Recordings.

Submitted by:  Singers Caucus and Dancers Caucus

Adopted 7/21/07