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Article VI Section 11(g) Ė Government


[Adopted by the convention] (New language is underlined; deleted language is struck

Any active member in good standing of any Major or Field Local may propose a candidate for nomination from their own Local, or Region in the case of locals represented by members-at-large, provided twenty (20) such members sign a petition setting forth the name of the candidate or, in the case of members-at-large candidates, ten (10) such members sign a petition setting forth the name of the candidate. Additionally, a candidate may be proposed by a duly constituted nominating committee as provided in the constitution of the Local. Such petition, or nomination, shall be filed with the Local Executive Director, or the National Executive Director in the case of locals represented by a regional member-at-large, not later than thirty (30) days after notice of the election, which notice shall be given to the membership no later than April 1st. On or before June 1st of each year, each Major Local, and Field Local entitled to elect its own board member, shall conduct an election, when required to fill vacancies or expired terms, by ballot of the active members in good standing to elect Board members on the National Board from the candidates so proposed by petition or nomination. In the case of Locals represented by a regional member-at-large, the office of the National Executive Director shall conduct such election or elections. The candidates receiving the highest votes in the respective Local or Regional elections sufficient to fill the places designated as such Localís representation by the National Board, shall be the Localís or Regionís representation on the National Board. The same rules shall apply in the case of any Field Local which is entitled to elect a Board member directly.