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spring 2008 





AFTRA Magazine
Summer 2008
Volume 40, Number 2


On the Cover

Faces of AFTRA
Some of the faces of AFTRA members from across the country who worked tirelessly and publicly to secure the new Primetime TV Contract are featured on the cover. Thanks to everyone who helped—and thank you to all members who voted.



Voiceover Performers Have a Stronger Voice with AFTRA

For the second year in a row, AFTRA is a Premier Sponsor of the Voiceover International Creative Experience—VOICE 2008—a conference dedicated exclusively to the art and business of voiceover. Four AFTRA members who are presenting seminars and workshops at VOICE 2008 talk about their experiences in the voiceover industry—and the conference is previewed. (280 KB PDF)

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor... The upcoming negotiations for the AFTRA Television and Radio Recorded Commercials Contracts will be critical to the future of commercial performers. The commercials contracts are complex documents and this article is intended to be an introduction to the agreements.
(289 KB PDF)


From the President AFTRA members are working to build greater strength in the entertainment and media industry (75 KB pdf)
Dateline AFTRA News, notes, and photos from around the country  (325 KB pdf)
At the Table
AFTRA members ratify Primetime TV Contract (50 KB pdf)
AFTRA H&R; Keep your contact Information up to date
 (100 KB pdf)
News & Broadcast
$2 Million in CBS severance pay goes to AFTRA members (100 KB)
Sound Recordings
Singers on James Taylor tour covered by improved agreement (1.1 MB pdf)
AFTRA Locals Find contact information about AFTRA Locals and see what new AFTRA Miami Local President Memo Sauceda is up to (300 KB pdf)

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