AFTRA Members Getting Ready for Primetime

The AFTRA Primetime Steering Committee is alerting AFTRA members that the formal Wages and Working Conditions (“W&W”) process for AFTRA's contract terms covering Network Primetime Dramatic Programming will officially begin in February 2008.

Formally known as “Exhibit A to the Network Code,” the terms cover dramas and sitcoms on primetime network TV, such as 'Til Death and Rules of Engagement, and pay TV programs, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm. The primetime terms run through June 30, 2008. These terms also set base rates and working conditions for AFTRA’s basic cable contracts.

The Primetime Steering Committee is comprised of working actors based in New York and Los Angeles—and has already begun preparations to ensure that actors, singers, dancers, and other performers have input into the proposal gathering process. Specific dates will be announced shortly for New York, Los Angeles, and other interested cities.

AFTRA members are advised to check the AFTRA website at after the holidays or contact your local office for specific dates, times, and locations of meetings to be held in Los Angeles, New York, and other interested cities.

The Primetime Steering Committee members encourage all working AFTRA members to be actively involved in this important process.






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