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  AFTRA National President

Roberta Reardon

AFTRA Collects More than $17 Million in Claims for Members in 2008
After an eventful summer, AFTRA members are working harder than ever before to create more employment opportunities and stronger contract enforcement for performers. Click here to read this special message.

Statement from AFTRA President Roberta Reardon on the retirement of IATSE President Tom Short
“Tom Short is a great leader who has worked tirelessly not only on behalf of IATSE members, but for all organized workers in the entertainment and media industry. In these turbulent times, he has been an especially important partner for AFTRA—and for me personally—as a friend and counselor. His advice and encouragement have been invaluable, and all of us in AFTRA are in his debt. On behalf of AFTRA members across the country, I wish him well in his retirement.”

A Message from AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon
Since the beginning of 2008, AFTRA members have successfully resolved five national labor agreements including: Sound Recordings, Network TV, Non-Broadcast/Industrial, CBS/ABC Network News, and most recently Primetime TV (Exhibit A to the Net Code). Now it’s time for us to look ahead, confront challenges, embrace opportunities, and refocus our energies on priorities for working members. Click here to read the rest of this important message>>

Message from AFTRA President Roberta Reardon on the Primetime TV Contract
On Friday, your AFTRA National Board overwhelmingly approved the tentative agreement reached on May 28 with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on a new three-year primetime television contract (Exhibit A of the AFTRA Network Television Code). In the next week or so, you will be receiving a detailed summary of the agreement along with a ratification ballot. The message from June 8 continues here>>

AFTRA Members Reach Tentative Agreement on Primetime TV Contract
I am delighted to report that after 17 days of some of the hardest bargaining in which I’ve participated during the past decade as a union leader, your Primetime Negotiating Committee has reached a tentative agreement with the television producers that achieves higher pay and improved working conditions for AFTRA members working on primetime network dramatic programs. The message from May 29 continues here>>

AFTRA Primetime Negotiations Member Update
Read this important update on primetime TV negotiations from National President Roberta Reardon sent to members on May 25.

AFTRA Primetime Negotiations Member Update
Read this important update on primetime TV negotiations from National President Roberta Reardon sent to members on May 19.

Important AFTRA News for You

Read this important update from President Roberta Reardon sent to members on May 14, 2008.

AFTRA Suspends Joint Bargaining with SAG to Negotiate Primetime TV Contract on its Own

• AFTRA's primary goal is to improve and protect the working lives of performers. During the past year, AFTRA has fought hard and expended an enormous amount of time, energy and resources to maintain the integrity of our Phase One joint bargaining process with the Screen Actors Guild, so we could sit across the table from the industry with total and unequivocal unity. Unfortunately, SAG leadership has made this impossible. The important message to members continues here>>
• At the close of the AFTRA National Board meeting on Saturday, March 29—where the AFTRA National Board overwhelmingly voted in favor of suspending the joint bargaining process under the Phase One agreement with the Screen Actors Guild and plans to negotiate the Primetime TV contract with employers on its own—Roberta Reardon talked with reporter and AFTRA National Vice President Bob Butler about the significance of the vote. Listen to the interview here>>

AFTRA Achieves Two Milestones at National Board Meeting
AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon shares two of the achievements from the February 2 National Board meeting as AFTRA receives a direct charter from the AFL-CIO and affirms that joint bargaining with SAG is over.
Read her important message to AFTRA members here>>

Don’t Let a Few Hijack Our Negotiations
AFTRA National President Roberta Reardon warns AFTRA members “that at a time when AFTRA and Screen Actors Guild should be uniting, forces in our sister union are trying to drive us apart.” Click here to read her response to an article attributed to a SAG executive in the fall issue of the guild’s magazine—and her challenge to AFTRA members to help build strength at the bargaining table>>

Why Affiliate with the AFL-CIO? 
President Roberta Reardon answers questions about the historic decision by delegates at the National Convention.
Click here for the first of a series update report on actions at the Convention>> 

AFTRA Is On the March
Report from National President Roberta Reardon to the AFTRA 70th Anniversary National Convention.
Click here to listen to the podcast and read along>>