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Frank Nelson Memorial Sick & Benefit Fund

Posted January 06, 2012

The Frank Nelson Memorial Sick & Benefit Fund provides emergency financial aid and other resources to qualified members of AFTRA Locals west of Omaha.

For more information:

Olga Perez, Administrator
Telephone: 323.634.8104
Fax: 323.634.8190
Email:  franknelsonfund@aftra.com

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Support the Frank Nelson Memorial Sick & Benefit Fund When You Shop at Ralphs

The Frank Nelson Memorial Sick & Beneft Fund is not supported by member dues. It depends upon the generosity of your donations and corporate partnering such as “Ralphs Club Card” membership. If you have a Ralphs Club Card, please consider registering it and identifying The Frank Nelson Fund as the recipient of your community contribution. Here’s how it works:


Ralph’s Club Community Contribution Program is one way you can indirectly support this important assistance program. Ralph’s will donate 4% of your eligible grocery purchases each time you use your Ralph’s card. Here is how you can participate:

Once your account is created return to the sign in page and:

If you have already registered your Ralph’s Club Card to contribute to the Frank Nelson Fund, you will need to register again for effective September 1, 2011.

Even if you are not a Ralph’s customer, there is still an opportunity to donate. Simply make your check payable to the AFTRA Foundation and be sure to include Frank Nelson Fund on the memo line. All donations are a tax deductible contribution. Thank you!

Frank Nelson Memorial Sick and Benefit Fund
c/o AFTRA Los Angeles
5757 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #900
Los Angeles, California  90036










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