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AFTRA Dancers in Solidarity

Posted October 28, 2011

AFTRA dancers and Local and National members were out in full force to support UNITE HERE Local 11 hotel workers in their one day strike against the W Hollywood Hotel. 

“We are on strike today to show the W Hollywood that we deserve the right to take breaks,” said Mildred Velasquez, a W housekeeper. “We are excited to be joined by music video dancers who also need breaks on the job. Whether it’s in a hotel or at a video production, management must respect the limits of our bodies.”

The dancers are also in the midst of negotiations with the major labels over wages and working conditions for music videos.

"We are here today with our sisters and brothers from UNITE HERE Local 11 because we want the record labels – and the rest of Hollywood – to know that we are prepared to take our fight for a fair contract covering music videos to the next level and to the streets,” said AFTRA Dancer Dana Wilson. “All workers, whether they are hotel workers or dancers in music videos, deserve the dignity and protections of a union contract.”

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