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Building for the Future

Posted July 20, 2009

The AFTRA Foundation is building for the future of performers, broadcasters and recording artists.

Founded by the AFTRA National Board of Directors in 1997 as a separate legal entity from the union, the AFTRA Foundation is a charitable and educational organization funded through tax-deductible voluntary contributions, grants and bequests—not AFTRA member dues—to support projects outside the scope of normal activities of AFTRA, including charitable endeavors, special conferences, studies, seminars and other events.

Here’s how some of the almost $1 million in grants made by the AFTRA Foundation have helped AFTRA members and the arts, entertainment and media industries:

The AFTRA Foundation also serves as a partner with other organizations to help achieve common goals and interests, including:

AFTRA members support the AFTRA Foundation through contributions with dues payments and donation of residual checks that are too small to bother with.

AFTRA members and other people are also furthering their tax, financial and estate planning goals through a planned giving program that a wide range of contributions in cash or a variety of other assets, immediate or deferred, during lifetime or posthumously, through trusts, annuities, wills or pooled funds.

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