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Stand with AFTRA to Organize Jobs in Video Games

AFTRA is moving forward with plans to organize more work opportunities under its Interactive Media Agreement

The Goal:  Increase union density in the video game industry to create greater leverage at the bargaining table.

But success depends on YOU - the MEMBERS of AFTRA.

In any industry - and especially in the video game industry - when employers can get union members to work “off the card” (without a union contract) they successfully undermine your ability to win contract gains like residuals.

That is why it is so important that every member honor the Interactive Media "No Contract/No Work” Rule.  Instituted by the AFTRA National Board on January 1, 1995, this membership rule prohibits AFTRA members from working in video games produced without a signed union contract.  Individually, members who work without a union contract risk disciplinary action that could even result in expulsion from AFTRA.  Collectively, all members risk the loss of industry-standard wages, protections and benefits throughout the media industry if our strength is compromised or eroded in any one area of that industry.

When you are approached by a non-signatory employer to work on a video game, please contact your local AFTRA office. Staff will work with you and the employer to bring the game under the AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement. AFTRA's goal is to facilitate production and make sure every game is a union game so that you get the industry-standard wages and benefits you deserve.

If we present a solid, united front, the employers MUST work with the unions in order to grow their industry. Once the industry discovers that a union contract is required to access the highest-caliber professional performers, real leverage for bargaining has been created.

It is no accident that nine out of the top ten games last year were done under a union contract - It is clear that the opportunity is now and the ability to succeed is in your hands.  NO CONTRACT in Interactive Media - NO WORK by AFTRA Members!



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