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Posted July 18, 2009

AFTRA Approves Terms for a New Digital Audiobook Agreement with
Audible.com Click here to read the press release.

Audio books are covered by AFTRA contracts

AFTRA has negotiated contracts that cover all segments of audio books work
# AFTRA members can only do audio books work that is covered by an AFTRA contract
# AFTRA contracts provide minimum recording rates and provide health and retirement benefits
# Check with AFTRA staff to assure that you’re working under an AFTRA contract

 "Recording books is a great gig, but it’s become a career for me because of the retirement and health bene#ts secured by the AFTRA contracts."
AFTRA artist Richard Ferrone

You have the AFTRA advantage in audio books

Guaranteed Minimum Session Rates for Recording
# The larger the potential use or market, the greater the pay rate.
# AFTRA contracts are tailored to books recorded for the commercial market, the library market, and recordings for the Library of Congress.

Health Insurance
# Medical and dental insurance cost more than $10,000 last year if purchased on the open market.
# By getting your work covered by AFTRA, you can earn credits towards quality insurance coverage that would cost you far less than going rates.

Life Insurance
# Individuals who qualify for AFTRA medical insurance also get coverage for life insurance of $30,000.
# Coverage for accidental death, dismemberment, or complete loss of voice is included too.

Retirement Bene#ts
# You also earn credit towards your pension bene#t every time you make sure your work is covered through AFTRA.

Make sure you’re covered by an AFTRA contract

Check with your publisher or producer
# You can easily have the advantage of an AFTRA contract for your audio book narration.
# Your publisher or producer may already be a signatory to one of many flexible AFTRA audio book contracts, which are tailored to the audio book’s end use.

Find an AFTRA signatory paymaster
# You can arrange for your work to be covered through a signatory paymaster, so you get the advantages of an AFTRA contract.
# Just tell the publisher or producer you want your job to be handled through an AFTRA signatory paymaster.
# You or the producer or publisher can call AFTRA to find the paymasters available to handle your job.

AFTRA staff wants to help you and your work in audio books

For more information, to ask questions, and to make sure your work is covered by an AFTRA contract, contact an AFTRA staff member.

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Ralph Braun

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Stefanie Taub

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Jane Love

Or the AFTRA Local Union nearest you

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