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Agency Forms and Contracts

Posted July 30, 2009

Click on the links below:

AFTRA Regulations Governing Agents (Rule 12-C)

Application for Sub-Agents Franchise 

Sub-Agent Application Cover Sheet

Application For Agent’s Franchise Under Rule 12C “Exhibit A-2”

Late Waiver Form

Member Contact Information Form

Single Project Rider

Sound Recordings Rider "Rider" F

Standard AFTRA Exclusive Agency Contract "Exhibit C"

Standard AFTRA Commercials Exclusive Agency Contract "Exhibit C-1"
(Commercials only)

Talent Check Authorization Form

Termination Letter

Work Authorization Form

Please let us know if you have any questions about these forms or if you have difficulty accessing them by sending an email to agency@aftra.com.

Agents: Is Your Information Current?

Have you moved? Changed phone numbers? Added areas of representation? Help keep your AFTRA members working by making sure your information is current with AFTRA.

Please notify AFTRA National or the AFTRA Los Angeles Local if your agency has moved or updated its information by emailing Megan Capuano in NY at mcapuano@aftra.com or Denise Mazzocco in LA at dmazzoco@aftra.com.

You can also download the AFTRA Agency Update Form here and fax us at 212.686.4925.

CLICK HERE to view your listing in the List of Franchised Agents.

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