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Voiceover Performers Have a Stronger Voice With AFTRA

Posted July 22, 2009

With AFTRA, voiceover performers across the country have a stronger voice to win better rates and fees, benefits, and working conditions for work in commercials, narration, animation, promo announcements, audio books, videogames, basic cable programming, and other areas. 

Look at all ways AFTRA members are moving forward together in voiceovers:

# AFTRA is your brand>>
Nine tricks for AFTRA members on making your union work for you>>
# AFTRA talent takes videogames to the next level>>
# Audiobooks: "I am UNION PROUD!">>
# AFTRA covers animation too!>>
# AFTRA works for you and your family>>
# AFTRA negotiates a floor not a ceiling>>
# AFTRA has you covered in new technology>>
# Move your career forward with AFTRA>>
# AFTRA members are the people who entertain and inform America>>

“AFTRA represents ‘America's Voices’—the voices you hear everyday in all forms of media. We tell the writer's and the producer's story. Our talent gets us the job, but AFTRA protects our livelihoods and our benefits—doing for individual performers what none of us can do on our own.”

-- AFTRA member Anne Gartlan

"Recording books is a great gig, but it's become a career for me because of the retirement and health bene#ts secured by the AFTRA contracts."

-- AFTRA member Richard Ferrone

"Working under an AFTRA contract guarantees you great pay, benefits, and residuals! Who doesn't love those!? So, when your fabulous voice is heard everywhere: radio, TV, Internet, iPod, cell phone, etc., AFTRA makes sure that if it's played, you get paid!"

-- AFTRA member Lori Alan

"As a professional performer it's great to be able to do videogame work under an AFTRA contract. It's really a win for everyone: as videogames become increasingly complex, players expect higher quality voices—the kind of quality that professional AFTRA talent provides."

-- AFTRA member Tom Kane

If you're a voiceover performer, AFTRA has you covered. AFTRA contracts guarantee you good pay, safe working conditions, and great benefits when you work in:

Videogames - Click here>>
Audiobooks - Click here>>
Animation - Click here>>
TV Commercials (network, syndication, and basic cable) - Click here>>
Radio Commercials - Click here>>
Non-Broadcast Educational & Industrial Videos - Click here>>
Promotional Announcements (rates and conditions for this type of work are governed by the AFTRA Network Code) - Click here>>
Infomercials (basic cable and syndication) - Click here>>
Podcasting, Internet, Cell Phones, etc. AFTRA even has you covered when you perform work for the Internet, for podcasting, for cell phones, and any other type of new media. If you're hired to perform work in new media, make sure you're getting the rates and benefits you deserve as a professional performer by having it covered by an AFTRA contract. To find out how to get an AFTRA contract for new media, contact your nearest AFTRA Local or Joan Halpern Weise, National Director of Entertainment Programming.

Need more information?
Contact your nearest AFTRA Local today for more information about how you can move your career forward as an AFTRA voiceover performer.

If you have a specific question about one of the contract areas listed above, please email Meka Wood in the AFTRA Los Angeles National Office.

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Click here for a list of locals or use the map to find the AFTRA Local near you.
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