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AFTRA provides a voice for broadcasters in collective bargaining, in legislation or arbitration and on key industry issues. AFTRA is your "voice at work."

Your Voice on Contracts

AFTRA’s New York Local launched a dynamic "Keep NY Radio Live" campaign, supplemented by a nationwide "Keep Radio Live" initiative, which have been instrumental in mounting crucial arguments against the practice of "voice-tracking" and elimination of AFTRA jobs. As a result, radio giant Clear Channel, with whom AFTRA New York has been in negotiations, requested meetings with AFTRA to find a national solution to this problem. Members of AFTRA at New York-based Clear Channel stations have achieved a contract that secures live and local radio in New York.

Your Voice on the Non-Compete Issue

To date, AFTRA-sponsored legislation has made non-compete clauses unenforceable in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and the District of Columbia. AFTRA currently has ongoing initiatives in several other states, including New York, Ohio and Missouri, to outlaw broadcast non-compete clauses in personal services contracts, and has sponsored additional bills to regulate other types of restrictive covenants (right of first refusals, for example) in California and Oregon.

Your Voice for Safety Training and Resources

Journalists reporting at home and abroad continue to be at risk, both while covering the news and as targets of terrorism. AFTRA has provided information and resources to its members about post-traumatic stress disorder resources, bioterrorism and safety precautions while working in dangerous situations. Through its affiliation with the International Federation of Journalists, AFTRA is able to provide support and additional security to its members who are on temporary assignment in dangerous conditions. AFTRA Locals aggressively address workplace dangers and work with fellow unions and government agencies to push for safer working conditions. In California, AFTRA, NABET-CWA, IBEW and IATSE were instrumental in the recent passage of safety standards by OSHA for news vans (ENG vehicles). Mandatory safety training and inspections are now required, keeping working journalists safer in the field.

Your Voice for Professionalism

When networks asked reporters at O&O stations to carry cameras, AFTRA worked to ensure that new technology did not encroach upon our members’ professionalism. As desktop non-linear editing reached local newsrooms, AFTRA negotiated to ensure that professional integrity was not compromised when anchors and reporters were asked to assume new technical duties.

Your Voice on Media Ownership

AFTRA is aggressively involved in broad-reaching efforts to draw attention to the FCC’s review of its media ownership regulations. AFTRA’s involvement at public hearings around the country have helped to build public awareness about the need for regulations to promote localism, diversity of editorial perspective and competition in broadcasting. AFTRA aided Sen. Russell Feingold’s office in developing "The Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act of 2002," which would prevent further consolidation of radio station ownership, thereby preserving standards of professionalism for radio announcers.

Your Voice in Any Language

When NBC acquired Telemundo, AFTRA stood to protect the rights of Spanish-speaking journalists who were not being given the same benefits and wages as English-speaking journalists with whom they were working alongside. A forceful campaign focused on the Chicago NBC station and enlisted the support of Latino community groups and other unions, winning a victory for those Telemundo employees who are now covered by AFTRA.

Public Broadcasting

AFTRA maintains collective bargaining agreements on behalf of members who work for PBS Television and NPR - National Public Radio.

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