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Posted July 19, 2009

ACF - American Composers Forum - One of the largest composer-service organizations in the United States.
AFM - American Federation of Musicians - Union that represents professional musicians.
AFIM - Association for Independent Music - Organization that helps the independent music community through shared information & education.
AFTRA/SAG Singers Chicago - This website is a showcase for Chicago-based union singers.
AMC - The American Music Center - National service organization devoted exclusively to the greater field of contemporary American music.
AMG - All Music Guide - Database of recorded music.
ASCAP - American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers - Performing rights society that licenses the public performance of members' copyrighted musical compositions and collects and distributes the license fees.
Billboard - A music industry news resource, covering all aspects of the music industry. A source for sales figures, concert grosses and many other industry indices. Information includes weekly listings of various Billboard charts; audio samples of chart hits; weekly previews of major music releases; bonus chart facts.
BMI - Broadcast Music, Inc. - Performing rights organization that licenses the public performance of affiliates' copyrighted musical compositions and collects and distributes the license fees.
CMA - Country Music Association - Trade organization for Country Music.
CSUSA - Copyright Society of the USA - Organization that focuses on the gathering, dissemination and interchange of information concerning intellectual property rights.
Freemuse - An independent international organization advocating freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide.
Future of Music Coalition - Organization that addresses pressing music-technology issues and serves as a voice for musicians in Washington, D.C., where critical decisions are often made regarding musicians' intellectual property rights without input from the artists .
GMA - Gospel Music Association - Organization that supports, encourages and promotes the development of all forms of gospel music.
HFA - Harry Fox Agency - Organization that provides an information source, clearinghouse and monitoring service for licensing musical copyrights.
International Lyrics Server - Database searchable by song lyrics.
La Costa Music - The "world's largest music business site". Contains how-to information, music industry trivia and forms.
MAP - Musicians Assistance Program - Organization that helps members of the music industry receive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction (substance abuse), regardless of financial condition.
MENC - The National Association for Music Education (formerly Music Educators National Conference) - Organization to advance music education.
MPA - Music Publishers' Association - Non-profit association addressing issues pertaining to music publishing with an emphasis on the issues relevant to the publishers of print music for concert and educational purposes.
MusiCares - Foundation was established in 1989 by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences with the objective of focusing the attention and resources of the music industry on the health, human service and welfare needs of all music people. Provides assistance to music people in need of financial or other assistance.
MusicPro - MusicPro Insurance is designed to meet the needs of music professionals and is available for purchase to AFTRA members. MusicPro offers Instrument and Equipment Insurance, Studio Liability Insurance, Tour Liability Insurance, Composer Liability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel/Personal Accident Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Renter's Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Small Business Insurance and Health Insurance.
musicunited.org - Musicians United for Strong Internet Copyright. A coalition of recording artists, songwriters, labels and music organizations who have launched an education campaign to combat piracy.
NARAS - National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences - Also known as the Recording Academy. Dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural conditions for music and its makers. Produces the GRAMMY Awards.
New York Singers Collective - This pro singers talent directory provides a state of the art showcase on the internet for New York's AFTRA/SAG singers and a 24/7 answering service for employers to contact the singers.  Owned and operated by independent SAG and/or AFTRA singers in the greater NY area, New York Singers Collective is dedicated to supplying employers with world class singers that can fit every need and providing support and community for NY singers. Visit the website for more details.
NMC - National Music Foundation - Organization dedicated to American music and the people who create it through educational programs and performances and by providing retirement-related assistance to musicians and professionals from related fields.
NMPA - The National Music Publishers Association - Organization of American music publishers dedicated to the protection of music copyright across all media and national boundaries.
NSAI - The Nashville Songwriters Association International - Songwriters trade organization.
Official Copyright - Company that provides automated filing and protection products and services for intellectual property works and offers a direct gateway for online filing of copyrights.
ProSingers Access - Owned and operated by AFTRA LA Local members, this union-only website connects union singers with industry professionals. If you're a singer member of AFTRA and/or SAG, visit ProSingers Access now to create and post your own personalized webpage featuring your resume, headshot, contact inofrmation, union affiliations, and even audio and video clips of your work! Proof of current membership in AFTRA and/or SAG is required. Available nationwide.
RAC - Recording Artists Coalition - Advocacy group for recording artists.
Recording Artist Royalties - AFM & AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights and Distribution Fund. A joint project of AFTRA and AFM to collect payments due recording artists for the use of their recordings.
RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America - Trade group that represents the U.S. recording industry.
SESAC - Performing rights organization that licenses the public performance of affiliates' copyrighted musical compositions and collects and distributes the license fees.
SGA - The Songwriters Guild of America - Songwriters organization.
SOS - Society of Singers - Nonprofit charity that helps professional vocalists worldwide in times of crisis. SOS provides emergency financial aid, case management, counseling and referral services. SOS is not a union, talent agency or employment service.
SoundExchange - Organization comprised of large, medium and small recording companies, that licenses the public performance of sound recordings on digital channels like cable, satellite and the Internet and collects and distributes the license fees.
StarPolish - Free website that offers music industry advice, resources and information on current issues, as well as multi-tiered rewards and a grant program.
U.S. Copyright Office - Obtain updates on U.S. and international copyright laws. Forms and "how to" information can be found on this site.


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