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The AFTRA Foundation: Building for the Future


The AFTRA Foundation is building for the future of performers, broadcasters, and recording artists. Founded by the AFTRA National Board of Directors in 1997 as a separate legal entity from the union, the AFTRA Foundation is a charitable and educational organization funded through tax-deductible voluntary contributions, grants, and bequests—not AFTRA member dues—to support projects outside the scope of normal activities of AFTRA, including charitable endeavors, special conferences, studies, seminars, and other events.



For ticket information, contact Roe Badamo at 212 532-0800 Ext. 4213 or rbadamo@aftra.com.

Sponsorship information contact Lou Siegel at laborlou laborlou@verizon.net.

International News Safety Institute: A program of the AFTRA Foundation
The International News Safety Institute—the only global organization solely dedicated to the safety of journalists and other news professionals—has a presence in the United States as a program of the AFTRA Foundation, a nonprofit organization created by AFTRA to support broadcasters, performers, and recording artists.

You Can Support the AFTRA Foundation
In recognition of the Foundation’s 10th Anniversary, the Foundation announces a new planned giving program, which allows AFTRA members to support the Foundation while also furthering your own tax, financial and estate planning goals. Contributions can be in any amount you choose, in cash or a variety of other assets, immediate or deferred, during your lifetime or posthumously, through trusts, annuities, wills, or pooled funds.

AFTRA members can also:

• Make tax-deductible contributions to the AFTRA Foundation with dues payments. Just follow the instructions on the semi-annual dues bill you receive in May and November.

• Donate residual checks that are too small to bother with to the AFTRA Foundation. Your tax-deductible donation of residual checks adds up to help members through the work of the AFTRA Foundation.

Four entertainment and media icons of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)—Jeanne Cooper, Smokey Robinson, Vin Scully, and the late Don LaFontaine—were honored Monday, March 9 at the 2009 AFTRA Media and Entertainment Excellence Awards (The AMEES) at the Millennium Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles. 

Jeanne Cooper
AMEE Award in

Smokey Robinson
AMEE Award in
Sound Recordings

Vin Scully
AMEE Award in

Don LaFontaine
AMEE Tribute Award in
Voiceover Artistry




Proceeds from the 2009 AMEES were donated to the AFTRA Foundation, a non-profit charitable and educational organization which provides support for special programs of value to AFTRA performers, broadcasters, and recording artists.





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