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AFTRA National First Vice President Bob Edwards Remembers Studs Terkel
Longtime AFTRA member Louis "Studs" Terkel, passed away on Friday, October 31, at the age of 96. Award-winning broadcast journalist and AFTRA National First Vice President Bob Ewards pays tribute to his life, career, and outstanding contributions to organized labor and working families: "Studs was an actor, law school graduate, radio interviewer, union booster, oral historian, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, raconteur, a fan of jazz and opera, champion of the underdog, arch liberal, strong advocate of civil and human rights, and an opponent of anyone who felt superior by virtue of class, race, or privilege." Click here to read more.    

Important Notice Regarding the Joint Wages & Working Conditions Process in Preparation for the Commercials Contract Negotiations
AFTRA and SAG are pleased to announce the beginning of the Joint Wages & Working Conditions (W&W;) process in preparation for negotiation of the Commercials Contracts that were extended from October 31, 2008, to March 31, 2009. It is only through the involvement of members that proposals for this vital negotiation are developed. Click here to read the notice and find out about W&W;, member caucus, and informational meetings in your area.

AFTRA Urges FCC to Hold Public Hearings on Changes to Wireless Technology
In a letter filed with the Federal Communications Commission, AFTRA, the nation's second largest performers union, urged the FCC to delay a vote on a proposed plan that would allow wireless devices to compete for the same frequency as wireless microphones. The FCC is scheduled to meet and vote on the issue on Election Day, November 4. Click here to read the press release.

AFTRA National Board of Directors Approves Conditions that would Permit Joint Bargaining with SAG on Commercials Contracts
Meeting by videoconference between New York and Los Angeles, the National Board of Directors of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists—a national union of more than more 70,000 performers, journalists, broadcasters, recording artists, and other talent working in the entertainment and news media—approved a proposed agreement outlining conditions to permit joint bargaining with SAG on the Commercials Contracts under the terms of the Phase One agreement. Click here to read the press release.

AFTRA Members Support the Employee Free Choice Act
AFTRA members are taking action now to join the Million-Member Mobilization for the Employee Free Choice Act. Click here to see President Roberta Reardon's video podcast and sign the petition today!

An Important Message from Roberta Reardon and Denny Delk
This past Labor Day holiday we celebrated the contributions American workers have made to the strength and vibrancy of our nation. Regardless of category or type of employment, like all union workers, AFTRA members stand strong for the basic principles of organized labor -- freedom to organize and bargain collectively and the right to have fair wages, protections, and benefits in return for their labors and talent. Click here to read the rest of this message about the AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement.

Performers’ Unions and Advertising Industry Agree to Extend
Commercials Contracts through March 31, 2009

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and the advertising industry’s ANA/AAAA Joint Policy Committee on Broadcast Talent Union Relations (JPC) have jointly announced an agreement to extend, through March 31, 2009, the terms of their Commercials Contracts.The extension adds approximately six months to the previous two-year extension the parties agreed to, which covered the period from 2006 to 2008. That extension was set to expire on October 29, 2008.

AFTRA New York Members Win New Law Banning Non-Compete Provisions in Broadcast Contracts
AFTRA New York members who had contributed their hard work and effort in support of the “Broadcast Employees Freedom to Work Act” hailed New York Governor David A. Paterson for signing the new law yesterday. Click here to read more about this important legislative victory>>

H&R; Health Plan Premiums Remain Unchanged
Premiums for the AFTRA Health Plan will remain at their present levels until at least March 31, 2009. Click here to view the announcement on the H&R; website.

AFTRA-AEA Letter from Presidents Reardon and Zimmerman
Professional performers work in all media. Only you can protect your interests, and preserve the fair and decent working conditions that you, as a professional, deserve. Click here to discover how you can stand with your fellow union members>>

Help The Actors Fund Help the Community
The lingering effects of the writers' strike are very severe. As of April 2, The Actors Fund had provided more than $1million in direct financial assistance to more than 600 people in Southern California impacted by the strike, and The Fund is still handling many new applications. To help The Fund keep up with the demands of the strike and their many other critical and essential human services programs, AFTRA members are encouraged to give a gift to The Actors Fund by going online to donate at or calling The Fund at 800.221.7303.

AFTRA Receives AFL-CIO Charter!

AFTRA announced that at its national board meeting Saturday, February 2, members received a major boost of confidence from the AFL-CIO, as the nation's largest labor federation issued a direct charter Friday to the national labor union of more 70,000 performers, journalists, broadcasters, recording artists, and other talent working in the entertainment and news media. 

Here's an important message to AFTRA members from National President Roberta Reardon about the two milestones AFTRA achieved at the National Board meeting.

Read the news release from the historic National Board meeting Saturday>>

Here's what AFL-CIO President John Sweeney had to say about the new direct charter at the National Board meeting>> Or watch it on YouTube>>

Read the National Convention Resolution approved by a 10-to-one margin that authorized direct affiliation with the AFL-CIO>>   

Watch the announcement that AFTRA receives a direct charter from AFL-CIO president John Sweeney.

Tell Your Legislators to Support the Performance Rights Act
Join with AFTRA recording artists, singers, broadcasters, and performers in supporting legislation to assure that recording artists receive compensation when their performances are played on over-the-air radio. Click here to send a message >> 

AFTRA Channel Debuts on YouTube
AFTRA members now have a channel at YouTube where you can share and watch video. The first piece on the channel is a clip from the documentary AFTRA: Commitment to Action and features a couple dozen members whose voices come together to say "I am AFTRA." Also, you'll find a link to a new video produced by AFTRA New York members to promote the AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement. Join AFTRA on YouTube at <

AFTRA Tells Producers to Make Their Projects a Hit with AFTRA Talent
As part of the ongoing effort to make sure that your work in the new digital media is covered under an AFTRA contract, an outreach campaign to new media producers is underway. now features a special landing page for producers that highlights recent productions covered by an AFTRA contract, including videogame Halo 3, internet comedy series Park Bench, and podcast The Creature. See how AFTRA is encouraging producers to engage AFTRA members in new media content here>>

NO CONTRACT, NO WORK Order in Effect for 'TMZ'
Effective September 20, 2007, members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists are advised that TMZ Productions Inc., Harvey Levin Productions Inc., and paraMedia inc.-producers of the syndicated TV series "TMZ"-are not signed to an AFTRA contract covering this program. AFTRA members may NOT accept employment, including recording in-show and/or promotional announcements, on "TMZ" until and unless a fair contract between AFTRA and the producers is achieved. If you are contacted for employment on "TMZ", please contact Joan Halpern Weise, Assistant National Executive Director, at 323.634.8174 ( or David Besbris, Los Angeles Local Director of Television, 323.634.8116 ( All calls are confidential.

Help Equity Members Win Contracts
Support your fellow union members at Actors' Equity Association in their efforts to achieve fair contracts. For more information about the productions involved,
please click here to see the AEA notice>>

Safety Resources for Journalists:  A brief compendium of some of the practical safety resources, including links to other organizations.  Click here for the print and html versions>>

Safety Bulletins Recommended by Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee for the Motion Picture and Television Industry for the safety of cast and crew.
Click here to visit the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund website and view current Safety Bulletins>>


 The Evolving Landscape of
Basic Cable
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AFTRA members are working together to
expand union jobs in
cable TV for performers
working in the U.S.

AFTRA, SAG, and AEA Announce the I AM PWD Campaign
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Health Care Proposals in the 2008 Elections Affect YOU!

Convention Empowers Members to Move Forward
Elected as delegates to the AFTRA 70th Anniversary National Convention, the more than 250 AFTRA members from throughout the country who assembled in Philadelphia, July 19-21, were energized and engaged by the work accomplished at AFTRA's highest governing body. AFTRA members are moving forward together to organize new work and maintain strong contracts. Click here for a full report with sights and sounds from the Convention>>